History is Woman, Woman is Capplé

The idea of ​​the Capplé maison of women’s hats arises by chance from the passion of Elisa Savi Ovadia, a former fashion designer, today a theatrical costume designer and a collector of vintage hats, and Elena Masut, an artist of crochet work and passionate about vintage objects, which turns into fashionable hats and accessories. .



From the passion for vintage hats and the ability in crochet, the project of the Capplé maison of Elena Masut and Elisa Savi Ovadia is born. Immediately Capplé creates collections of retro hats entirely handmade in Itaia crochet. Capplé hats are fashion hats made in Italy with a retro taste, immediately noticed and appreciated not only by friends, but also by some boutiques that want them on the shelves, season after season.

Today the Capplé fashion house is led by Elena Masut and offers her hats exclusively online on the website.


The passion for retro style guides the creation of the creations of the Capplé fashion house, collection after collection. The shapes of vintage hats from the 20s, 30s and 40s are declined in dozens of different models, made unique by crochet work, fine materials, current details, vintage accessories or special embroidery. The inspiration of Capplé comes from afar, as from the style of the roaring 20s, or from characters who have made the history of the twentieth century, such as Carmen Miranda, Sonia Delaunay and Tina Modotti.

From the timeless charm of extraordinary women, the Capplé fashion hats collections are born in perfect balance between the lines of yesterday and the needs of today.


All the collections of hats online exclusively on are made by the artisan Capplé maison and with fine yarns. Alpaca wool, Egyptian cotton, precious viscose raffia are woven into crochet to create collections of fashionable hats with a retro taste and exceptional quality.

The combination of fine yarns and manual processing gives not only resistance and beauty to every creation, but also an extraordinary practicality.
All the retro hats of the Capplé maison are soft and quick to wear, easy to fold or roll up and put in the bag without deforming.